Case Study

1. a process or record of research in which detailed
consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group or situation over a period of time.

2. Success Story

Efficient and Affordable Member Kits

Taking a complicated and costly process and making it simple and cost-effective for our client

One large membership driven client was looking to reduce their costs on sending out multiple membership information mail pieces to their members. These were documents that their member-base had come to depend on, and they weren’t going to be satisfied with something intangible such as a digital transmission.

Applied Business Systems reviewed the company’s total mail output containing the related documents and consolidated them into a singular perfect bound book, separated into various sections by thick-stock tabbed pages for easy reference. Interspersed throughout the book, folders contained the materials that had to be kept separate. Ultimately the cost of producing the books was vastly lower than sending out each individual piece of correspondence.

The resulted savings to the client was over $75,000 per year. Since the program was introduced the client has saved over $900,000 on this project alone.

End to End Business Solution

Creating a profitable business utilizing print, web and custom programming

When a local municipality decided to move city trash collection to the private sector, the opportunity arose for multiple vendors to garner business from residents and businesses in the area. Our local client was going head to head against nationwide brands that had tremendous exposure and budget advantages.

From the start, Applied Business Systems became a partner in the conceptualization process, from which emerged an immediately successful commercial enterprise. The initial strategic planning meetings laid the groundwork for brand identity, marketing strategy and financial logistics once a core membership was created.

Our graphics design team led the charge with the creation of new corporate logos and the design of a direct mailing campaign with a business reply element targeting our client’s potential customers.

The campaign was launch within the local community targeting 4,285 residents. Of those homes that were targeted, our client saw a 38% conversion rate in subscriptions through business reply mail. Applied Business Systems electronically processed the return mail, creating and managing a customer database for our client.

Working with our client’s financial institution, Applied Business Systems then set up automated statement generation and bill printing for this customer database on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on consumer preference. Statements and bills are printed in-house at Applied Business Systems and mailed directly to the customers, with no effort needed by the end client.

Lastly, Applied Business Systems provides marketing and direct mail communications as required by our client to grant the highest levels of customer service possible to their members.