Although things seem to be changing on an almost hourly basis, we wanted to let you know that ABS plans on being here for you throughout this coronavirus crisis, and we will continue to keep servicing your needs.

As a communications provider to many essential services, we will remain open and are taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our workers as they continue to support those essential services through this time. Thus, ABS is taking precautions to keep our work environment as safe as possible and to avoid any spread of the coronavirus. We have asked our employees to stay home if sick and to wash their hands frequently to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

We have also reached out to our suppliers, employees, and business partners, who have inspired us by the ways they are willing to work together with us through this difficult time. As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we are adapting quickly and will always put worker safety, and the needs of our customers first.

We have an abundant supply of paper and envelopes in our warehouse to accommodate any communications you may need to share with your clients. In addition to that, we have strategic partnerships set up with printers and mailers from across the region and country to ensure that we do everything possible to keep our clients satisfied.

We will continue to send you updates as warranted.

No one knows exactly what the upcoming days and weeks will bring, but we believe as a nation our communication, food chain supply, and healthcare system are the best in the world. Coupled with our incredible American spirit, we believe that we will get through this crisis together and come out of this stronger than ever before.

Be Safe and Healthy,
Your ABS Team