What Are Your Sales Worth?

  • Results Driven Marketing
  • One to One
  • Combine Online and Offline Touches
  • Drip Marketing Mail
  • 100% Customizable Solutions

Increase Sales

Combining print and e-communications gives you the biggest impact for your marketing campaigns and the highest response rates. We can facilitate your cross-media campaign with direct mail, email, landing pages and call tracking to not only provide a dramatic ROI, but also give you the foresight to make the right business decisions down the road.

Customer Retention

Staying at the forefront of your customer’s mind is the key to staying above the marketing white noise that permeates our lives today

Hit them where it counts. Direct mail is becoming a more open channel to talk retention or up-sell with your customers. With more businesses taking their communications solely online, your customer’s mail boxes are becoming free space for you to make an impression.

Partnership Approach

While we often engage with straightforward mailing efforts, we love to partner with our clients. What does that mean? It means that we enter at the planning stage of your campaign for maximum results.

In the starkest sense, we analyze your goals and deliver a tailored solution to achieve them. We take into account your marketing resources and assets, and combine those with all of the tools in our marketing arsenal to propel you to your sales summit.

How Does It Work?

Create Your Marketing Funnel

ABS combines multiple channels with your unified branding to drive traffic to targeted locations. Each funnel will ultimately look slightly different as it satisfies the specific goals defined by the client.

If we were trying to drive traffic to an online source for healthy lifestyle products, we would use a combination of both online and offline touches to work all traffic though an interactive experience coupled with the opportunity to win a gift or free product.

Along the way it’s important to track and measure each interaction to understand both effectiveness and ROI.

From a timed postcard mailing and email blast that arrive together, we track unique URLs and funnel all responses to an incentivized online survey. Respondents must complete the survey to enter for a prize drawing at a later date. Those contest entries that are then engaged with you, receive a content rich book mailer where you can deliver your brand message or product offering. From there they sky is the limit!

You can touch those prospective customers again with emails to drive them to an online presence, or a more sophisticated mailer to drive them to your brick and mortar location.

The most important thing that we offer you is consistent analytics reporting that lets you narrow your customer base down to those that will buy from you, or engage further with your brand.