Now inserting mail at over 20,000 pieces per hour

A New Kind of Statement


Connect with your members in a meaningful way.

Build your brand, your memberships, and your profits. Through the investments in technology and process flow by ABS, we are able to offer a full-color digital printing solution at a price competitive with plain old black and white stock statements.

No more inventory management, no more boring statements that lower brand perception, and no more missed opportunities to promote your valuable services in a meaningful way to existing members.

  • Full color digitally printed bank statement on high quality white paper
  • Pricing that’s ultra competitive with most generic black bank statements
  • Personalized advertising based on member profile and data
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities from your bank – for every member
  • Artwork services available, or choose from our generic ads library
  • ABS 34 Envelope provides a color presentation at the cost of a blank envelope
  • Lowest postage pricing available – and NEVER any markups
  • No inventory fees or up-font paper costs
Promote Promotional space available that shows through the envelope window – make an impact right from the start!
Personalize Variable messaging available in all promos – show your members the information that’s relevant to their lives.
Colorize Color is king! Display your promoted services in rich color to draw focus and capture attention to sell.
Save on Postage No markups on postage ever. Unlike some of our competitors, our deeply discounted postage rates are always passed along 100% to you.
Understand Serve up different promotional offers based on member data each week. Timing is everything and well placed (and timed) messaging can make all the difference.
Engage Engage your membership with promotions and messaging that is fun. Let them know they’ve made the right choice when they see new, innovative technology that they want to tell their friends about.

Get unlimited color on every single page and unlock your customer statement’s hidden selling potential.


Applied Business Systems has been printing financial documents and statements for over 35 years. Our bank statement printing and processing technologies ensure not only the most vibrant and attractive bank statements, but also provide multiple layers of security and quality control.


Our bank statement printing process has taken the next step in the evolution to understand exactly what banks, credit unions and other financial organizations need – SALES and GROWTH. Furnishing a bank statement to your customers or members shouldn’t be just about providing the mandated or necessary information. Your bank statements are an opportunity to connect and start a new conversation each month with your current customer base and create new sales.


Having a rich history in statement and financial printing isn’t the only thing that drives our ABS Color Statement product offering. Providing a variety of marketing mail and marketing services to our clients has helped us to understand that each touch point matters. Every communication your customers or members receive is a reflection of your bank or credit union. Make the most of all your customer interactions to ensure that your brand identity is be delivered accurately and is continually enhanced.

Let us be your road map


One of the largest value points our customers find when working with ABS is our consultative approach to mapping out your new statement processing journey. We believe in and practice extreme planning and project foresight in every onboarding we do. This allows us to see around corners and deliver the highest level of service to our clients.

Our aim is to educate and collaborate right from the start of our sales process – this is the distinct advantage we offer over other statement processors out there. We want to go beyond being your simply your ‘print partner’ to truly becoming your business partner.

Our first step towards becoming your partner begins with your free consultation and review of your statement processing environment. It’s quick and easy and only requires three things.

  1. A hardcopy sample of a current 3-page statement for review
  2. Your monthly count of statements printed and mailed
  3. Your quarterly count of statements printed and mailed

Get your statement-processing

ready for launch!