We Make Tax Bill Printing Easy

  • ABS PrintTax web-portal allows for easy upload of tax data
  • Approve exact bills electronically
  • No-stress inventory management
  • Easy receipting and back-office functionality available via PrintTax

Easy Is the Name of the Game

As New York State’s largest commercial printer of tax bills, we’ve made it our mission to simplify and take the headaches out of the tax bill printing process. From onboarding your county or school district, all the way to post production inventory analysis and re-ordering, our goal is to lessen the load for municipal administrators and make tax bill printing EASY.

Your Time Is Valuable

The last thing you want when making a change to any system, procedure or process is an additional demand on your time and energy. Our initial setup and onboarding process is quick and painless. Once your PrintTax portal is established, everything becomes smooth sailing as you upload RPS data, configure municipality tax bill requirements or approve electronic proofs.

In cases where you’re currently communicating with many different parties with important information being lost in the whirlwind and clutter, you can now centralize your communication around your print project and simplify your workflow. If you’re undertaking the print process yourself, take a look at the infographic below to really see how much energy you could be saving.

Realize All of the Cost Savings

Managing municipal budgets isn’t easy, and ABS understands that. Cost control is one of our highest priorities when beginning any new tax bill printing engagement. Through the power of volume purchasing our envelopes and tax stock, we’ve been able to realize lower prices than most taxing entities could even imagine.

Coupled with our ability to garner the maximum postal discounts available – in many cases up to almost $0.10 savings per mail pieces – we offer tax bill printing at a price point that will make balancing your budget easier than ever each year.

Partnership Approach

Tax bill printing is always a partnership endeavor. Our clients trust that ABS can provide solutions to each and every tax bill hurdle that they encounter. Whether it’s finding that perfect bill design that communicates the right information, to interfacing with a lockbox processing partner to scope out the requirements of adding an OCR scanline to your bills, we approach each challenge with the same mindset – partnership means achieving goals together.

PrintTAX, More Than Just Printing

In addition to our tax bill printing services, PrintTAX system provides you not just upload, approval and printing capabilities, but an entire suite of back-office functionality with your tax bills.

We interface with your payment solution providers to give you full receipting functionality. That means quickly and accurately creating your receipts at the push of a button. If a customer is in-office at your location, simply print the composed receipt from your desktop printer. If their receipts need to be mailed, ABS prints and mails them automatically.