Print and Mail Solutions for Education

A Proven Process

Working with powerful mapping technology, as well as information provided by the US Postal Service, we find the errors in your mailing lists. Often times our customers find they’re mailing THOUSANDS of pieces needlessly outside of their school districts.

RiteListTM puts an end to the waste and also lets you find the most economical postage sortation – guaranteed.

Saving Money

• Lower Print Costs
• Lower Postage Costs
• Get Saturation Discounts
• Eliminate Waste

Pre-Production Workflow

• 100% District Coverage
• Reduce Confusion
• Worry Free
• Guaranteed

District boundaries don’t match up with US Postal Service mailing routes. This can create bleed over into surrounding school districts leaving you with wasted postage, wasted print, and district resident confusion.

RiteList at Work - Case Studies

USPS / LEGACY COUNT RiteList / Actual Count Difference % Hitting Target % Missing Target
A 5,184 4,345 -839 83.82% 16.18%
L 16,000 13,263 -2,737 82.89% 17.11%
SG 7,600 5,664 -1,936 74.53% 25.47%
SH 14,000 9,900 -4,100 70.71% 29.29%
KT 33,000 28,600 -4,400 86.67% 13.33%
ME** 5,800 6,084 284 ** 4.89%**
C 11,000 8,800 -2,200 80.00% 20.00%

** ME School District legacy list was missing (underserving) at least ~5% (or more) of intended targets, as the process may have removed out-of-district addresses as well.


Visualizing RiteList

USPS carrier routes rarely follow school district boundaries. Looking at an example district, it’s easy to see how so much efficiency is gained from using the RiteListTM process. Realizing the savings and increased accuracy is easy with our proven process and technology!


School district mailing lists done right. Stop overmailing and overpaying for your postage and print.

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Marketing Mailings

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Student Communications

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