A RiteList™ Case Study: East Aurora UFSD

East Aurora Union Free School District recently purchased our RiteList product. Joanne M. George, the district’s business manager, conducted a thorough cost-benefit analysis comparing her original list with an actual mailing after purchasing RiteList™.

Cost-Benefit Analysis:

May Bulk Mailing                    8,079 pieces

RiteList™ Accurate Mailing List    5,156 addresses

Over Produced Mailing Pieces        2,923 pieces

Cost of per item postage            0.08222

Cost of per item printing            0.66

Cost of overproduction            $2,619.51

Cost of RiteList™                $2,667.00*

*Invest in a one-time fee to generate your RiteList™ and use it an unlimited amount of times.

One mailing pays for the service. ???? – Joanne M. George

She also considered future print and mail projects like district calendars.

Residents            5,156

Staff                275

District Offices        50

Extra for the year        100

Estimated Total        5,581 (round up to 5,600*)

*Instead of based on previous year of 8,000 – Estimated 2,400 less produced

Thank you for all of your help with this project. It was a project that will save this district in years to come with all of its bulk mailings. – Joanne M. George


RiteList™ is the most accurate mailing list any school can purchase. Even the list provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) can include thousands of incorrect addresses.

Click here for a free analysis to show you the accuracy of your current list.

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