The Most Accurate Mailing List Available


  • When you mail to the residents inside your school district, are you reaching them all?
  • Are you overreaching and over-mailing thousands of pieces of mail, wasting resources and postage?
  • Are you able to leverage both saturation rates and targeted mailing points to find the perfect mix of savings and accuracy?
  • All of these questions can be answered for you with our RiteList services.

RiteList analyzes data from the two most reliable-government backed resources for customer data along with 3rd party sources to create the most laser-focused school district mailing list possible.

How it Works


Simply put, we provide the most accurate school district mailing lists available. In many cases, our mailing lists are 30% more accurate than our competitors.

School district mailing list creation has historically been flawed.  These lists are most often created with the cooperation of the USPS by bundling all the carrier routes that were represented in your district, but it also included routes that were only partially in your district. There has never been a scientific or empirical method, until RiteList.

After we bring all of our data points together, and create a master list which includes absolutely every residential mailing address inside your district – and not a single address more – we start to slice and dice. The end result saves you money, materials and helps to prevent confusion in communication to your school district residents.

A Proven Process


Working with our in house technology as well as information provided by the US Postal Service, we find the most opportunities for SATURATION lists within your district. This ensures the lowest possible postage rate.

From there, we have a residual list that is made up of addresses within your district, but that DON’T fall into our saturation lists. Those addresses are broken out so that we can mail to them at bulk postage rates.

At the end of the process you receive 3 files.

  1. The master file of every deliverable address within their district boundaries.
  2. A carrier route list for your saturation eligible district residents.
  3. A list of residual addresses that are not eligible for saturation, but that still reside within your school district boundaries.

RiteList was able to help our school district streamline and reduce our school district resident mailing list by 2,500 pieces, saving the district substantial taxpayer dollars on printing and mailing costs.

Springville-GriffithCentral School District

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