Scale up your marketing efforts quickly with direct mail and other marketing mail products. Your customers actually need to SEE your marketing collateral for it to be effective. In a time when grabbing your customer’s attention to grow your brand has never been more critical, print and mail can be your lifeline. With the constant clutter of emails and digital advertising, IMPRESSIONS do not mean your customer is receiving the message. Hit them in their mailboxes with a direct mailing or USPS EDDM campaign and get your message to stick.

Whether you’re setting up a recurring mailing that will be driven by direct data feeds from your software, or are simply doing a one-time campaign from your mailing list, or want to use one of our curated mailing lists to find new clients, we can provide the service you’ve been looking for.

Postcards are a great option for marketing and direct mail. We can help you find the perfect size, shape, and postcard design to connect with your audience. With so many different configurations, we understand that every marketing mailing campaign is unique.

Letter mailings are also a great option for direct mail marketing. We have a number of options for custom printed envelopes, and a wide range of window envelops that let your inner branding show through to your customers.

We’re happy to work directly with you to craft your campaign from graphic-design to delivery, or we can collaborate with your marketing agency to make sure your mailings have a great call-to-action, go off without a hitch, and send at the lowest costs possible.

Our USPS CASS certified direct mail experts process your audience database and perform NCOA updates that ensure your mail gets to the intended recipient – even if they’ve changed addresses. From there, your job goes to print where our commercial presses print beautiful high resolution graphics onto your print media. Then it’s off to either cutting + trimming or inserting depending on whether you’re sending postcards or letters. Lastly, our team PO preps your mailings of 200 pieces or more and delivers them directly to the post office for induction into the mail stream.

In the meantime, you can sit back, relax, and know you’re getting best-in-class direct mail service. After a few days your customers begin to see your messaging appear in their mailbox and you can expect responses to your call-to-action.

We produce everything from custom printed envelopes to perfect bound books directly in-house at our WNY print facility located between Buffalo and Rochester, so you know you’re getting the best prices on a wide variety of digital printing.