Healthcare sales kits have long been a specialty of ours. Since the late 1990’s, ABS has been a pioneer in generating fully variable sales kits, as well as innovative generic sales kits for all lines of business within the healthcare sector.  We have steadily built on that experience in healthcare printing, and today produce on-demand full-color group specific sales kits based on an automated workflow that are turned around in 48-72 hours.

These can be shipped directly to your groups or warehoused and fulfilled as necessary, we have you covered!  These sales kits utilize content-rich and full-color resources to make an impact on prospects.  Our generic sales kits geared for the Medicare marketplace are also best-in-class at providing a variety of content and inserts that few in our industry can duplicate.  With our sales kit printing and binding program, ABS has been  an early innovator of variable inserts, and using both digital assets co-mingled with traditional offset items such as tabs sets, tear out envelopes, pocket pages and full color inserts intermingled and manufactured totally inline to provide a completely custom solution. By leveraging our vast experience as an offset broker and a digital printer, we ensure the lowest cost, most efficient printing and binding process and a unique and informative sales kit for your healthcare needs. This truly sets ABS and your company apart in the healthcare insurance industry.

Our Western New York printing facility can print, warehouse, and deliver or fulfill to locations across the region for materials to be in-stock and available when you need them.

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