Debt Collection Letter Printing

Our debt collection letter printing services are custom tailored to you as our client. No more dealing with package deals with features that you don’t need. Each of our debt collection letter printing customers are treated as an individual communications platform that goes far beyond just print and mail. This means that you define your own solution, made just for you. It doesn’t matter if your portfolio of accounts is 500 or 5-million, we pride ourselves in creating first-in-class communications platforms that work for organizations of any level.

Interested in just our collection letter printing and mailing along with our other debt communications offerings? We can set up for an automated data feed that integrates existing systems that you have on site or in the cloud. Looking to send files manually or ad-hoc whenever you need to collect on a new portfolio or circle back to an aged portfolio of accounts? We can do that too as a one-off mailing.

If you’re looking to grow your ability to collect debt more quickly, or are taking on a time-sensitive list of accounts – explore all of our options for communicating with your consumers – by mail, by email, by SMS text (when allowed), through online payment gateways, and all other avenues of communications. Whatever the need, we can help you connect with your debtors.

Debt Collection Letter Printing Features

  • Both full-color printing or black-and-white-only debt collection letter printing available. Pick and choose to use color where it matters, and save money with black-and-white-only printing when you can.
  • Choose from our house “collection stock” and envelope selection – available in multiple colors, configurations, and papers. Or, create your own letter stock and envelope mix exclusively for your account.
  • File splitting or filtering based on criteria like amount of debt or age of debt. Any metric that’s in your data file we can filter by. This allows you to send letters incrementally within a given debt portfolio. Save money on print and postage and only send letters to your most important accounts. We can help with communications on other accounts digitally!
  • File and document naming conventions – our long history in the forms-management field has given us expert insights into managing your documents – both print and digital. When it comes to document control, naming conventions, and other content organizational tasks we are able to help clients streamline and optimize their debt communications.
  • Human-validation that happens at the print level. Each of your print files are visually checked to ensure accuracy prior to printing. If we see a discrepancy like an old file name, code, or a date that doesn’t match up we immediately stop the process and help you to resolve the situation at the data level.
  • Integrations with existing debt-management systems are easy to do. Our in-house programming staff can integrate with newer or legacy systems for any of our print or digital communications processes.

Take a hands-on OR hands-off approach to your debt communications – we work with you to find the right level of comfort and oversight in your debt communications stream. Want to personally validate and proof each print run prior to mailing? Super easy! We can send files for review before every press run. Want to send us your data and let us run your jobs and simply send a confirmation of mailing? We can do that too. Whatever level of insight you need we can provide.

Aggressive SLAs that get your collection letters and communications out in the required timeframe. Set delivery times on an order-by-order basis. Ask about our fastest SLAs when setting up your account and then utilize them only when needed for maximum savings!

NCOA and Address Correction services come standard with every mailing. Our in-house data cleansing identifies and intercepts any incorrect, old, or partial addresses that may be included in your data file. When possible, our automated system replaces any non-deliverable, outdated, or bad address with the correct one – ensuring your mail-pieces never miss their mark, and that you never waste funds on print or postage that won’t get delivered. We can send back full or partial data-sets for you to update.

Archiving services are standard on every job – extended archiving is available as well. Keep your letters in short-term storage to retrieve anytime or put them in long-term storage and we can retrieve them for you upon request.