EOB printing has been a specialty since we began our variable data printing and direct mail programs in the 1991, and ABS has remained at the forefront of the EOB digital print world for almost 30 years. As a healthcare administrator, you know the critical nature of these EOB communications and the SLA levels required to satisfy both regulatory and member needs.

Our in-house programmers allow us to provide our healthcare clients with seamless workflows for their EOB communications that will rival your current provider. We will become a member of your team and work on all of the additional processes that are so important for a successful implementation. These include:

·      Secure file transfer protocols

·      Hot folders and automated processing

·      Confirmations of records sent back to key stakeholders

·      Completion emails or data files to ensure thorough communication

·      If necessary, a full online portal that provides project data and archival functions for up to seven years

Our IT and Project Management Team have been involved with projects from all sizes and complexities and realize that there isn’t one right solution to a project but we will work with you and your team to create the right EOB solution based on your needs for your specific project. Receiving a proposal for our direct mail services is quick and painless – start with a quick online questionnaire, set up a call with project stakeholders, and receive your proposal for a better print experience.

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