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Bank Statement Printing: A Variable Data Printing Solution

At Applied Business Systems (ABS), we pride ourselves on being able to provide personalized and cost-effective printing solutions for businesses in the banking industry. Our Bank Statement Printing service combines our variable data printing prowess with full-color statements to offer you substantial cost savings while also providing some of the latest innovations in variable data marketing options right on your customers’ bills.

Intelligent Mail® Barcode for Postage Savings

We utilize the Full-Service Intelligent Mail® barcode from the USPS to significantly reduce your postage costs. By doing so, we help you break free from the USPS First-Class rate traditionally used by financial institutions for statement mailings. This technology results in significant savings without compromising the quality and authenticity of your statements.

Customized Marketing with “On-serts”

We recognize that your statements are more than just a mere financial document. They serve as an opportunity to showcase your brand and connect with your customers. With our “on-serts,” we offer a way for you to share marketing messages directly on your statements, thus saving you money and reducing waste. Choose from ABS’ predesigned library, provide your own, or let our graphic designers create a custom ad to your specifications. These on-serts are more cost-effective than traditional inserts, and our research has shown that they have a higher likelihood of being seen and read by your customers.

Maximizing Savings with Generic Large Window Envelopes

We always prioritize cost-effectiveness in our solutions. That is why we utilize generic large window envelopes to save you money. We warehouse hundreds of thousands of these envelopes at all times, which provides you with a low-cost option compared to traditional pre-printed envelopes. Our generic large window envelopes also feature an inside security tint and variable data sales messages showing through the window, adding further value to this envelope option.

We’re customer-centric, so you can be too

For your customers, bank statement printing means providing a reliable and convenient communication channel to review their account activities monthly or quarterly. Printed statements allow customers to track their spending and review charges, as well as provide a tangible record of their financial transactions for quick reference.

Create trust and transparency for your customers

Bank statement printing continues to play a crucial role in maintaining trust and transparency between banks and their customers. While digital banking has gained popularity in recent years, many customers still prefer to receive printed bank statements. Printed bank statements offer the convenience of easy record-keeping and allow customers to review their transactions in detail. Additionally, printed statements provide a tangible record that can be referred to as proof in the event of a dispute or error.

One of the most significant benefits of bank statement printing is that it enables customers to detect fraud or identity theft early. Bank statements provide a record of all account activities, allowing customers to quickly identify any unauthorized transactions or unusual account activities. By offering printed statements, banks can provide their customers with a sense of security and peace of mind that their financial transactions are being accurately recorded and monitored.

Finding the right partner when you outsource your bank statement printing

Outsourcing bank statement printing tasks to a vendor such as Applied Business Systems can offer numerous benefits. By outsourcing to a specialized vendor, banks can save on resources, time, and money since they do not need to invest in the equipment and personnel required for in-house printing.

Outsourcing also allows banks to focus on their core business, such as providing banking services and customer support, while a specialized vendor handles the printing and mailing tasks. This can result in faster turn-around times, improved quality control, and reduced errors.

Finally, outsourcing offers scalability, allowing banks to scale up or down their printing needs as the business changes. This allows banks to respond quickly to changing customer behavior or market trends.

Partnering with ABS for your bank statement printing

For over 30 years, ABS has been providing statement printing services to banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions across the United States. Our mailing experts and in-house programmers work closely with you to quickly onboard the perfect solution to meet your business goals, budget, and required Service Level Agreement.

With ABS Bank Statement Printing, you can expect personalized solutions, innovation, cost savings, and top-notch service. Contact us or Get a Quote today and let us help take your banking statement printing to the next level.