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Credit Union Statement Printing Services: Save Time and Money with ABS

At Applied Business Systems (ABS), we understand that Credit Unions require a reliable and cost-effective printing solution to provide high-quality statements and correspondence to their members. That’s why we offer Credit Union Statement Printing Services, a comprehensive printing solution that delivers personalized and innovative printing options that reflect your credit union’s brand while meeting member expectations.

Gain Postal Savings with Intelligent Mail® Barcode

Our intelligent mail barcode is a Full-Service Intelligent Mail® technology that’s certified by the United States Postal Service (USPS). This ensures that your statements are delivered in a timely and efficient manner while simultaneously taking advantage of the lowest possible postage rates. Our Full-Service Intelligent Mail® barcode reduces postage costs while providing our clients with the added services of tracking and reporting functionalities.

Save on Costs with Large Window Envelopes

At ABS, we understand the importance of cost savings. That’s why we use high-quality, generic large window envelopes in place of costly pre-printed envelopes. By using our generic envelopes, we pass on the savings directly to your Credit Union. Our security tint and the variable sales message inside the window further adds value to our inexpensive yet highly functional envelope option.

Maximize Member Engagement with On-Serts

ABS’s on-serts are customized marketing messages that you can include in your credit union statements, serving as a powerful platform for member engagement. On-serts are tailor-made to your credit union’s unique voice and branding, providing additional opportunities to offer your members valuable information about your products and services.

Our team produces on-serts of various sizes and shapes, providing numerous ways to deliver print and marketing keys. With on-serts, you can send your members timely marketing offers, educational materials, and important notices without the additional cost of inserts. Whether you have an in-house creative team or not, our designers can customize or create on-serts that elevate your printing game.

Personalized Communications with Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is the hallmark of ABS Credit Union Statement Printing Services. VDP provides a unique opportunity to personalize communications with your members, increasing the likelihood of engagement and response. With VDP, you can segment your members based on demographics, geography, product usage, financial empowerment, and more.

ABS-employed data experts can identify hidden cross-selling or upselling opportunities or tailor suitable content that engages members in innovative ways. Our VDP services cover everything from targeted marketing messages to envelop printing, making your statement a powerful member communications tool.

Gain Trust with Printed Statements

Despite the increasing popularity of digital banking, many members of credit unions still prefer printed statements for their reliability and easy record-keeping. Our Credit Union Statement Printing solution offers members a straightforward way to track their account activities monthly or quarterly. Printed statements provide an additional layer of security and transparency, fostering trust between the credit union and its members regarding their financial transactions. Additionally, they provide a tool to detect fraud or identity theft earlier. Printed statements provide a record of all account activities, which allows members to promptly identify unauthorized transactions or unusual account activities.

Outsourcing Credit Union Statement Printing Tasks

By outsourcing statement printing tasks to a specialized printing vendor, Credit Unions can focus on core services, such as providing banking services and customer support. ABS helps reduce the time, resources and costs required for in-house printing tasks while enabling Credit Unions to access high-quality, customized, and scalable printing solutions. Outsourcing printing to ABS enables credit unions to scale up or down as required, respond quickly to market changes, and diversify branding efforts without diverting resources or stretching budgets.

Partnering with ABS for your Credit Union Statement Printing

For over 30 years, ABS has been reliably providing Credit Union Statement Printing Services that meet the needs of Credit Unions nationwide. We are committed to delivering personalized, affordable, and quality-driven printing solutions that meet the needs of Credit Unions looking to rebrand, respond to market changes, or streamline member communications. Our printing experts work alongside your credit union team, providing bespoke printing solutions that address your unique service level requirements and budgetary considerations. You can expect innovation, competitive pricing, top-notch quality, and personalized service from us.

Contact us or request a quote today to get started on redefining printing solutions for your credit union.